How to write a perfect introduction for your essay

Taking into account the following scheme for writing essays, here is something that will help you to write the perfect essay. It is worth mentioning that all textual analysis, discussions and interpretations, or Creative Writing more or less, they contain a common scheme.This “universal” basic plan includes such points as introduction, body and conclusion. This is the backbone of any essay writing, which must be observed and followed.


In an essay is the introduction of the theme idea. She also grants the reader a brief overview of what is happening in the text, as in the introduction to the most important information to be included in a concise manner. In the introduction have to write the author, year of creation of the text and the topic or problem, which treats the text.At first glance, it is easier said than done, to make a brief summary of any desired text. In some cases, it is not easy to filter a text. Here are some tips:

• Read multiple text and underline the important points. Just the good understanding of the text is a prerequisite for a successful essay

• Organize the text in terms of Sections. Be careful when there is a new story in the text, because there usually happen the most important things.

• Section and line-by-line summary of the text is unfortunate, because in this way, only the superfluous details and not the most important are shown.

• Rather, you should be based on height and turning points, when it comes to the end of the text when writing a synopsis.

Could write essays to compare well with art or craft. Ultimately, the clever play with the language gives an essay individuality and beauty. To ensure a good essay the transition rates do not be ignored. For this reason, always use a short transition complete your introductory sentence. In addition, it is useful to link the main part of the essay and it to be completed in the best possible way.

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Education and psychology: Memory exercises in a playful way

Encourage your child to read after cooking in the kitchen of the objects lying around and ingredients out what will eat it today. On the other hand, leave the school bag of brother or sister – but only with their consent – Browse. Maybe help the following questions: What were the subjects it to this day? Is something special happen? It has eaten his snack. At a construction site on the weekend, you can ask yourself what is being built here just how far the construction has progressed, what equipment is used, how many people work at the construction site?

Describe an item

Ask your child to memorize a special item as accurately as possible. This can be a painting, a chair, a bouquet of flowers, a pen or a book cover. As the subject of a different colour, what shape he has the material from which it is made and how does it feel? Now let your child to close his eyes and describe the object from memory. Then it will compare his description with the article.

Back to the past

Ask your child to remember a specific time. This may be the last 5 minutes, a train ride, of a friend’s birthday, a holiday, or the common breakfast. Your child will now describe this period as accurately as possible. It is this within both the exact sequence, describe the actions accurately remembered, as well as reflect the feelings and the mood that it was in this period. Typical of such exercises are the brain buttons (index and middle finger of one hand lying on the belly button, and with the thumb, the index and middle finger of the other hand massaged the child’s small indentations left and right of his collarbone at the edge of the sternum. After about a minute, you can change the hands to experience increased performance.

In this way, is directs the child’s attention to his ears. Both exercises have an effect solely because the child must focus on a single activity; the postulated direct effects on the brain are plain humbug. Beware of miracle methods for parents.

A method that helps students to write better essays

For most students, it is the naked horror, when they have to write an essay. You are blocked like, or do not know at what point we should begin. Apart from the content, there are still those annoying inventions such as Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Essays have a soothing, almost “therapeutic” purpose. The author processed in his essay experiences and feelings, be it joy, fear or sadness, excitement, anger or disappointment.

The reader gathers again when reading text, new experiences, and experiences with the emotions and learns unconsciously added new. It does not particularly matter if the essay is a true experience report or a fictional short story. Always it is about the communication of experiences, thoughts and feelings – and ultimately a question of memories to hold and save it were in writing.Before you start to write, you should know that is at least roughly, what it should be about the topic of the essay. For more detailed information follow this link.

Where does my story? How and why this happens, what is described? When all this happens? – And, most importantly: Who are the main characters? Especially the one should very well “know”. Your appearance we have to be as well-known as their likes and dislikes, their special skills and their weaknesses to speak, her way, etc. So that the reader can follow my essay well, I have to describe everything that is not known.

I always have to put yourself in the role of the reader. My sentences are too long. You know at the end cannot remember how the sentence started? Then I prefer from a long box set of two or three shorter ones. The reader should not have to read each sentence three times before he understands what I want to say to him. In the introduction, I will describe the best people in the paper plays an important role.

In addition, the initiation of curiosity in the subject of the essay. In addition, there you can describe where the story takes place and at what time. In the conclusion, finally, the problem is solved, and the secret will be revealed.